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HTML5 360 Panorama

On 02, Feb 2016 | 4 Comments | In 3D, Games, General, HTML5, JavaScript, Prototypes, The Lab | By synergyseeker

I recently found myself in need of a 360 panorama. I wanted the user to be able to explore using the mouse or touch and zoom in and out. I wanted simple, clean animation. Most important it had to work on mobile and older browsers ( IE9+ ). This meant a NO FLASH , and NO WebGL or plugins solution.

After looking around at a number of potential plugins and players, I discovered as you may have, that there is not much out there. Most require purchase of a license or are not fully developed.

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Javascript Animations: Lesson 7.5 – Vectors as forces to move player

On 02, Feb 2016 | 7 Comments | In Games, HTML5, JavaScript, Learning, Prototypes | By synergyseeker

Ok so we are making a game. Well not really a game, but if we were, we might need a  player object. So we have a player object a really awesome cool triangle. Lame, I know, but actually I loved asteroids and well the little dude was just a triangle. So we have a trianlge and we are going to make it rotate and move around using our learnings from previous lessons. So if you are totally lost jump back and read on Vectors and if you are really, really lost jump back and read from the start about animations.

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Javascript Animations: Lesson 7 – Vectors

On 29, Jan 2016 | 10 Comments | In Games, HTML5, JavaScript, Learning, Prototypes, WebGL | By synergyseeker

Vectors. Yep Vectors. So what is a vector? A vector is a magnitude ( a number ) and a direction. These 2 elements are a vector. So speed is not a vector, because it is just a magnitude, but velocity is a vector because it tells how fast and in what direction something is going.

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