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Javascript: Random Spheres Trig

On 05, Feb 2016 | 13 Comments | In 3D, General, HTML5, JavaScript, Learning, Prototypes, The Lab, WebGL | By synergyseeker

If you have been following along with the Learning tutorials so far, you’ll recognize the basis of experiment comes from Lesson 5 – Making multiple objects move  In this demo, I am using radial gradient fills, a range of colors, and some good ole fashion trigonometry to create a nice 3D  effect.

Check it out here: 3D Spheres on Canvas Demo

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HTML5 360 Panorama

On 02, Feb 2016 | 4 Comments | In 3D, Games, General, HTML5, JavaScript, Prototypes, The Lab | By synergyseeker

I recently found myself in need of a 360 panorama. I wanted the user to be able to explore using the mouse or touch and zoom in and out. I wanted simple, clean animation. Most important it had to work on mobile and older browsers ( IE9+ ). This meant a NO FLASH , and NO WebGL or plugins solution.

After looking around at a number of potential plugins and players, I discovered as you may have, that there is not much out there. Most require purchase of a license or are not fully developed.

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Holographic Earth with Flicker Effect

On 05, Jan 2016 | 3 Comments | In 3D, General, HTML5, JavaScript, News, Prototypes, The Lab, WebGL | By synergyseeker

WebGL allows the creation of amazing experiences that we were able to only touch on with Flash in the old days. The smooth animations we can create now, harness all that graphics processor goodness and really sing. Back in the PaperVision3D days, I always loved creating cool planetary scenes, earth from space, moons and more. Diving back into this and adding a little home-grown “flicker” effect I came up with a nice start for something.

View the Holographic Earth demo here.

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Seamless Video Switching

On 20, Dec 2015 | 7 Comments | In General, HTML5, JavaScript, Music, News, Prototypes, The Lab, Video | By synergyseeker

Switching seamlessly between multiple videos is popping up all over now. Sites like Honda’s recent “The Other Side” project is one on many examples.  The idea is to switch between videos and/or audio without buffering or loading a new video, or least make the switch seamless. Here is a quick sample of my own spin on the technique.

Check out the experiment here.