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Cryptaris: US Army

On 19, Dec 2015 | No Comments | In | By synergyseeker

Cryptaris: US Army

Cryptaris , developed with the team at Tool of North America is a high tech interactive experience comprised of several WebGL games, designed to test users potential STEM scores (Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics). Winner of CSS Design Award and FWA Site of the Day.

In addition to working with the team on front end development, I was responsible for all server side logic and code. I developed the user logins, accounts, and scoring modules for the site. The complex system of scoring, weighted matrices, and leveling made for good challenges.

I also developed the only mobile game, Mobile Recon, which integrated Google Maps and Places API along with users location information. Proximity detection to target destinations, roaming threats that moved towards the player in realtime, and a cool circular puzzle to unlock the final network access, were all aspects of the game.

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