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Music Selfie Experiment

What happens when you combine something as personal as a Selfie with Music? A truly unique experience that captures the excitement we strive for in creating interactive. Working with the great team at Jam3, I was privileged to be part of bringing this great project to life.

Winner of Adobe Cutting Edge Project and FWA.

Screen-Shot-2015-06-06-at-4.05.49-PMHandling back end tasks including Twitter scrape and automation, MP3 file editing ( dropping in your selfie as the MP3 thumbnail and updating meta data) , along with front end motion and presentation ( CSS and JS ), I had a blast working on this one.

“Lincoln Motors Company, Hudson Rouge, and Jam3 looked at the social landscape to identify the key instruments of modern self-expression: music, a timeless choice, and selfies, the current modus operandi. What happens when the two come together? When you’re not the one choosing the music, but instead, the music chooses you based on your selfie? The result is a truly authentic and expressive identity.” Jam3