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PUR: Know Your WaterPUR: Know Your WaterPUR: Know Your Water

On 02, Nov 2016 | No Comments | In | By synergyseeker

PUR: Know Your Water

Do you really know what is in your drinking water? PUR water filters sought to help the public learn more, to help answer that question. Leveraging Graphic Shaders and advanced WebGL, we were able to create a immersive underwater experience, working with the team at Tool of North America.  Check out the live site here to see it in action.

There are approximately 155,000 Public Water Systems in the US.As America’s water infrastructure ages and contaminant concerns increase, it’s more important than ever to understand what could be in your water. Using public water quality data, users can follow their water from source to treatment and through the pipes to their home.

pur_chapter_2Using WebGL and graphic shaders we were able to create a site with an incredible small file size and fantastic performance on mobile and desktop. Light rays, chromatic aberration ( prismatic color separation ), ambient particles, lens blurs and flares all rendering in real-time brought the site to life in unique way.