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Robin Thicke: Love After WarRobin Thicke: Love After WarRobin Thicke: Love After War

On 18, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In | By synergyseeker

Robin Thicke: Love After War

Engaged by Tool of North America to help create the new Robin Thicke website for Interscope Records, I joined the team developing a beautiful and engaging social experience for Robin Thicke’s latest album, Love After War.  The song, “The New Generation” serves as soundtrack to the engaging you tube media experience.
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robinthicke1Using a flexible XML data source, to drive a large playlist of popular you tube videos, we were able to create an interactive experience, that was both telling and engaging. 2011 was a year filled with challenge and struggle world-wide. The site taps into this collective experience, allowing users to interact with the shattered pieces of glass; the fragments of 2011. Shards represent pieces of the overall mosaic that formed the turbulent 12 months. From “Africa to Asia”, Syria to NYC, there were videos shared around the world, telling stories or change.

The site experience was built using You Tube’s API, Flash AS3, and a variety of After Effects and other little goodies. Visit the site and browse through the videos and enjoy the music.