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Sour Patch Kids FaceBook AppSour Patch Kids FaceBook AppSour Patch Kids FaceBook App

On 18, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In | By synergyseeker

Sour Patch Kids FaceBook App

“The concept – invite The Sour Patch Kids 3.5 million+ Facebook fans to post evidence of any wrong doings committed against them by the SPK. Of course, the SPK responded by hiring a ruthless attorney, Rudy Gibson, to dispute any such claims. Facebook “Likes” act as votes, tipping each case towards a guilty or innocent verdict. Justice, you got served.”


Engaged by Tool of North America, we developed a fun and engaging Facebook App. Using video, social media, HTML5, JS and CSS3, we created a highly interactive, experience engaging thousands of Facebook users.

“This campaign is a class-action lawsuit against the Sour Patch Kids, attempting to bring them to justice for their sour actions. It takes place in the best-known court of human opinion: Facebook. Our fans view and submit evidence and receive personalized video rebuttals from an atypical, condescending, kind-of-a-jerk lawyer. Finally we can tell our parents we’re practicing law:SourPatchJustice.Com ” – Mother NY