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PUR: Know Your Water

War of 1996: Independence Day Resurgence

Cryptaris: US Army

James Murphy Subway Symphony

Music Selfie Experiment

Intel: What Lives Inside

Nissan Passion Genome

Google: Art Copy & Code

Tool of North America

Gran Turismo 6: First Love

Mitsubishi Unpretentious

Sour Patch Kids FaceBook App

[yellow tail] Wine Orchestra

Robin Thicke: Love After War

MTV Pepsi Super Fan Contest

Saab 9-3: Move Your Mind

Who is SynergySeeker?

Richard Mattka is an award-winning, multi-media Creative Director and developer. Both on his own and in collaboration with agencies such as Tool of North America, Stopp, Stink Digital, Jam3, Ogilvy & Mather, Cossette Communication, Proximity, Richard has created award-winning work for brands such as 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Interscope Records, Sundance, MTV, Much Music, Sony, Google, IBM, Virgin, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Saab, Ford, Kraft, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Bell, American Express, Telus, World Wildlife Fund, ESPN and many more.

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Ready Player One: Music Video Experience

2nd November 2016 By synergyseeker

Ready Player One, generated entirely in GSL/OpenGL, uses a ground-breaking programming technique in music video creation. Pure code captures the retro sci-fi spirit of Em Harriss’s hauntingly beautiful vocals; an alien ghost trapped in the machine.

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Learning WebGL 3D: Getting Started with ThreeJS

7th March 2016 By synergyseeker

WebGL, is a JavaScript API for creating and rendering graphics inside an HTML <canvas> element. We already used this element in previous lessons here, and the same basic concepts can be applied. In a basic sense, we are still using math to draw frames that we cycle through at high rates ( 60fps ) to create the optical illusion of motion.

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CSSDA Interview with Richard Mattka

18th February 2016 By synergyseeker

“It was somewhere between those first Atari games and copying code from magazines to make uber lame text games. I got some crazy idea in my head as kid, that I could make games; that I could create things using tech too. I started hacking away then, and haven’t stopped since.”

I was recently interviewed by the cool folks at the CSSDA and was able to share some thoughts via this official JPanel interview As a judge on the panel I’m excited to engage  with the development and design community this year. Should be an amazing year ahead!